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Maboneng has given SLY a warm welcome with its arty ambience which Team SLY look forward to being part of. SLY launch the opening of our flagship store Corner Main and Kruger. Team SLY aims to embed its edgy streetwear brand into an existing thriving art and culture hub. SLY aims to stock exciting brands local and international.


Team SLY will embrace this new relationship with an abundance of uncompromising streetwear with the hashtag #SLYMaboneng and continue in-store exclusivity with our limited range ensuring exclusivity.


Our journey from an online store offering a very limited range in our humble beginnings in Cape Town through the diligence of Team SLY has rewarded you our customer with #SLYMaboneng

SLY aims to offer exclusive yet affordable streetwear at your doorstep. We aim to be your first stop for that something Fresh, something unique. That is our promise.