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Soweto Surf 

SOWETO SURF The concept is based on teaching children to surf in Africa’s most well-known township has been a journey years in the making. With over 330 schools in Soweto, Soweto Surf aims to take at least 1 child per school over a 10 year period on this journey. Self-funded projects often take a spiritual hiatus in the land of hard currency as concept to development requires a bold vision with a confident budget. Soweto Surf has now relaunched as apparel brand as phase 1 of its grass roots concept to realise the talent within townships and inner cities. Sales from its apparel division will drive Soweto Surf’s footprint contribution towards the ideology of global citizenship.

CONCEPT: Soweto Surf will offer a platform for township children to learn to surf, receive mentoring and introduce concepts of global citizenship. Soweto Surf’s driving narrative is to build confidence in young minds across Africa starting with coastal African countries before enriching landlocked Africa with the lessons learned from Mozambique anti clockwise across Africa to Angola. CONCEPT IN ACTION: An 8 week programme unlocking a child’s potential by exploring identity, social positioning and emotional wellbeing Courses run by Soweto Surf will not be certified as it merely seeks to raise confidence in social positioning and start their journey into entrepreneurship. Concept delivery: 4 weeks of mentorship followed by 4 weeks of *skateboarding.

Where: On any flat surface at any school such as a car park or basketball court at schools or parks. Times: Weekends for up to 4 hours Saturday & Sunday to run consecutively over 8 weeks When: Summer Time UCT *purpose built skateboard built for off season semi-professional skateboarders. Once a pupil has attended and achieved 8 merit for their attendance they pupil will be offered the opportunity to surf in KZN or CPT

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